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1)      The Baseball Card King, Inc. is not responsible for any transactions that are arranged on this forum or through any third-party advertisement herein.  Use of the Marketplace is solely at your own risk.  Be cautious with online transactions at all times.  Contact the Admin or a moderator with any suspicious activity.

2)      Until you’ve established yourself on this forum as a responsible trader, you may be asked to provide a reference (i.e. your eBay user ID in order to view your feedback).  Similarly, feel out your potential trading partner by asking them questions through the PM system.  Don’t ask or reveal personal information on the public forum.

3)      You are NOT ALLOWED to offer for sale or trade anything that is not in your physical possession at the time of the original offer. 

4)      NO sales/trades of “mystery lots” or grab bags. 

5)      You may NOT offer to sell or trade any supplies or wax (includes cases, boxes and packs of any configuration) even if we are not offering it on our site or in our stores.

6)      NO selling of case or box break spots/teams.

7)      MEMBER FEEDBACK:  There is an entire forum under Marketplace called “Member Feedback”.  You are encouraged to provide feedback – positive or negative – regarding your experience with another member.  When providing feedback, use the member’s Username in the TOPIC TITLE, and state only the facts.  This helps when others search for feedback on another member.  Try to work out any problems with the other member via PM, but still give the community an honest report.  For example, “JoeBoo received my payment 7/10/14, sent the card out the same day. Card was packed well and exactly as he described. I LOVE JOEBOO!”  Or, if a negative experience, “JoeBoo received my payment 7/10/14, took 8 days to finally send card. Received the card damaged, and he didn’t insure it. BOOO JoeBoo!”

8.)     MEMBER FEEDBACK #2:  If you want to see what others have said about a potential trading partner before you start a B/S/T, use the search box and type in the username.  Results should yield you a list of topics to read about that particular user (if they’ve received any feedback).

9)      NO raffles or auctions in the forum.  If you want to run an auction, use eBay.

10)   Be as descriptive as possible in your listings, and provide clear photos.  If you’re selling something, state the price you want.  If you’re looking to buy something and you want it for a better price, ask.  Though not required, we highly recommend you negotiate in the open forum and not by PM.  This helps the community learn more about the buyers and sellers on this board.  It also provides for a transparent transaction where any disputes can be resolved by reading back on that particular thread.

11)   USE THE FOLLOWING FORMAT for your titles in the Marketplace section:

SELL:  insert descriptive title of your item here
BUY:  insert descriptive title of what you want to buy here
TRADE:  insert short title of what you have or want to have in return
CLOSED:  After your item has sold or otherwise been resolved through trade, edit your original
     topic title to add the word CLOSED at the very beginning of the title line.
Moderators will help title formatting in the beginning until everyone catches on.  View previous threads as a model.
12)   If you have multiple items to sell or trade, or you’re looking to buy a slew of different things, do NOT post separate topics for each item.  Put them in a list with a title something like “SELL: 200+ vintage stars 1969-1971”, or “TRADE: 27 different Blackhawks auto’d 8x10s, need more Sox autos”, or similar.

13)   You may not post the same item or list of items in more than one forum category.  If you have three baseball cards and two football cards, you should list the baseball cards as its own topic under “Marketplace: Baseball”, and a separate listing for the football cards under “Marketplace: Football”.  If someone wants to buy your football cards, you may mention in your response that you have another listing in Baseball should they want to combine items into one shipment.  But do not take a big list of multiple items from multiple sports and list all of them together under each sport.

14)   Always use delivery confirmation or some form of live tracking.  For items valued over $200, we recommend you require a signature upon delivery.

15)   You may NOT discuss or plug our competitors under any topic on this forum.

16)   Out of courtesy to the community, be diligent in responding to questions under the topics you create.  Even if someone makes you an offer you don’t want to accept, just say so.  You never know when that person may be an excellent trading partner in the future if you’re respectful and courteous now.
Final comment regarding transactions:  We have a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY for any illegal or fraudulent activity.  We expect all transactions to go smoothly.  We expect all our members maintain a high level of honesty and integrity.  In the event something goes wrong, you may alert the community through the “Member Feedback” forum.  You should also alert the Admin or a moderator to the problem.  While forum members can be very good at policing themselves, we do reserve the right to permanently ban any member we believe may be acting disingenuous.